KHORS "Mysticism"

Стиль: Atmospheric Black Metal

Записан: 2008

Выпущен: 2008 (CD), 2009 (CD, MC), 2013 (LP), 2014 (digi-CD)

Доступен или нет в нашем магазине: Да


Третий альбом «Mysticism» группы KHORS уже приобрёл культовый статус, что подтверждают многочисленные издания  этого альбома, включая последнее на виниле лейблом Osmose Productions. Svarga Music делает этот альбом доступным вновь, теперь в 6-ти панельном дигипаке с 3-мя бонусными трэками и новой обложкой от Al.Ex {Mayhem Design}.

Также доступна версия этого релиза на пластинке (Osmose Productions) и футболка.

1. Through The Rays Of Fading Moon...
2. Raven's Dance
3. Milk Of Heavens
4. Winterfall
5. In The Cold Embrace Of Mist
6. Pagan Scars
7. Mysticism
8. Red Mirrors
9. In The Cold Embrace Of Mist (demo, bonus)
10. Through The Rays Of Fading Moon... (live, bonus)
11. Raven's Dance (demo, bonus)

Khors is one talented unit that brings you through many layers and levels of emotions.

Absolute Zero Media (США, английский), февраль 2009

I've enjoyed an album that sounds melancholic, dark and reflexive without being uselessly gothic and boring as many other releases around. Nice surprise.

Brutalism (США, английский), июнь 2009

It’s the type of release that ultimately props up black metal and keeps the subgenre fresh and varied.

Blistering (США, английский, 8/10), май 2008

Full of creativity, versatile songwriting, and the thundering punch of metal makes this record bound to gather some attention.

Sputnik Music (Меджународный, английский, 4/5), март 2009

Album of the month! Deliver an album universally powerful and beautiful, nature-inspired and nature-glorifying. (США, английский, 91/100), февраль 2009

“Mysticism” should cater to a fairly wide variety of listeners, as they cover a quite big spectrum, I could see fans of BORKNAGAR or MOONSORROW like this as well as those who enjoy Post Rock/Metal influences.

The Metal Observer (США, английский, 8.5/10), май 2009

KHORS are something of a supergroup, featuring past and present members of Astrofaes and Hate Forest among others ...  "Mysticism" then, offers plenty of meat to the veteran while also acting as a sound starting point for virgin of the ex-Soviet Bloc's grim delights.

Terrorizer (Великобритания, английский, 7.5/10), май 2008

Mysticism takes you on a frightening journey through the depressive state of man and nature share when in less than perfect sync with one another.

Funeral Rain (Международный, английский, 9/10), апрель 2010

Pleasant, and addictive, opus of brilliant atmospheric Black Metal.

Metal Crypt (США, английский, 5/5), февраль 2009