CREEDamage vinyl is now available!

After a bunch of delays from our pressing plant we finally got the "CREEDamage" double-LP! All pre-orders will be shipped within next 2 days, and rest of the people are encouraged to check out this, very first for Munruthel and for our label, vinyl release! Now available in our webstore.


MUNRUTHEL | 09.04.2014

We signed 3 new bands

We have signed to Svarga Music three new bands - ZGARD (Atmospheric Folk Black Metal), STRYVIGOR (Atmospheric Black Metal) and TWILIGHTFALL (Death/Thrash Metal). More infos about each band and their new albums will follow.


CREEDamage double-LP delayed

Due to a number of infrastructural problems (mainly delays at pressing plant and shipping issues) the release of MUNRUTHEL's "CREEDamage" vinyl is shifted to the end of March 2014. All pre-orders are still valid.

MUNRUTHEL | 12.02.2014

MUNRUTHEL's "CREEDamage" on vinyl

Svarga Music, in cooperation with Possession Productions, is proud to announce that recent (5th) MUNRUTHEL's album "CREEDamage / ВЕРОломство" will be finally released on double-12"LP gatefold in February 2014! Limited to 500 copies, includes special for this release bonus track recorded in December 2013.

It should be mentioned that this is for a first time one can hear MUNRUTHEL's music on  vinyl. Hopefully in the future all other albums of this great artist will be re-pressed in such a noble format.


MUNRUTHEL CREEDamage ВЕРОломство 2x12"LP front cover

MUNRUTHEL | 07.01.2014

KHORS is now on Svarga Music with their back catalogue

Ukrainian independent record label Svarga Music proudly reports about signing the contract for exclusive rights to re-release the first four albums of KHORS – one of the most dynamically developing Ukrainian bands. Uncountable editions and re-releases of these albums have already given the cult status to this band. At present KHORS having the contract with Candlelight Records (Great Britain), also released the albums through Osmose Productions (France) being one of the metal scene’s pillars. Beginning of 2014 re-release of "Mysticism" album will be issued in elite 6-panel digipak format with bonus tracks and a new cover art. KHORS’ other albums are planned for re-releasing in 2014-2015.




Khorus, bassist and leader of the band says: "We are pleased with the agreement with Svarga Music for repressing of our first albums. I think this young, ambitious and, it’s the most important thing, Ukrainian label will breathe new life into our old songs and our cooperation will have positive results".

KHORS | 20.10.2013

Interview with Svarga Music owner in Pro-Rock

Interview with the Svarga Music owner one can read in the last issues of Bulgarian Pro-Rock Magazine. They decided to make a report on Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal scene, for what we are very grateful to the editorial team of this magazine.



Mistakes in PAGANLAND's recond line-up

Svarga Music would like to apologise for the mistaken provided infos in the CD booklet about the record line-up of recent PAGANLAND album "Wind of Freedom". The recording line-up must be read as follows:


Volodymyr - Vocals
Ruen - Keyboards
Sergfil - Guitars
Roman - Bass
Yor - Drums, Percussion

PAGANLAND | 07.08.2013

Added around 40 new reviews

Review section for PAGANLAND's "Wind of Freedom" album is updated. Around 40 new reviews are added up.

PAGANLAND | 03.06.2013