KHORS "Cold" re-release announce

KHORS’ second album “Cold”, originally released in 2006, is Atmospheric Black Metal in its purest form. “Cold” features amazing guitar solos by Wortherax (TWILIGHTFALL, ex-NOKTURNAL MORTUM) and keyboards by maestro Saturious (ex-NOKTURNAL MORTUM). Completely remixed and remastered in 2014, the album will be re-released on April 6, 2015 by Svarga Music in a noble 6-panel digipak with new artwork.


KHORS | 24.02.2015

New webstore is online

I am very proud to announce the launch of our brand new webstore - I hope it will give you the best user experience possible, simplify the search process and exploration of new releases. To celebrate the launch I made a 50% discount on all Svarga Music releases from 2012. So check it out and let me know what do you think!



Label relocated to Germany

We have finally and officially relocated our label to Germany, as so the contact information is updated and the new address is Svyatoslav Gladkov, Svarga Music, Loettringhauser Str. 64, 44225 Dortmund, Germany.



New stuff in distro - Zgard's 2nd album "Reclusion"

ZGARD's second album "Reclusion" is now available in our distro. Cosmic Atmospheric Black Metal.


ZGARD "Reclusion" 2012 front cover

ZGARD | 09.09.2014

Debut from TWILIGHTFALL will be released in August 2014

Guitar shredder Wortherax, who is known as lead guitarist of NOKTURNAL MORTUM on their iconic albums “Twilightfall” and “Lunar Poetry”, presents his new band TWILIGHTFALL with debut release “The Energy of Soul”. Gothenburg Thrash meets European neoclassic and Finnish Melodic Death in Ukrainian manner.

Melodic Death Thrash Metal for fans of early IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM, NIGHT IN GALES and DISSECTION. Pre-orders are available in our webstore.


TWILIGHTFALL "The Energy of Soul" 2014 front cover

TWILIGHTFALL | 25.06.2014

Zgard release teaser

Below this post you can check the teaser-video for upcoming release of ZGARD's "Contemplation" album.

ZGARD | 11.06.2014

New Zgard album is available for pre-orders

Svarga Music is proud to announce June 23, 2014 as a release date of ZGARD's fourth album "Contemplation." For the past four years, one-man band ZGARD has been patiently developing an intensely personal vision of pagan-oriented black metal. Now, with the release of "Contemplation," ZGARD mastermind Yaromisl has perfected his craft, showing a rawer yet no-less-grandiose side that vividly illustrates the Carpathian mysticism at the heart of that craft. Compared to its celebrated predecessors, 2012's "Reclusion" and 2013's "Astral Glow," ZGARD here go for an atmosphere that's less cosmic and more organic, stirring both bloodlust and majesty within the listener as Yaromisl guides each of the seven tracks along an epic path. As always, the native folk touches are at the forefront but never threaten to overwhelm. As a title, then, "Contemplation" is more than fitting.


Zgard 2014 contemplation front covers


Comes as standard-CD and limited to 100 copies digipack. Artwork by Kogaion Art. Pre-orders are now available in our webstore.

ZGARD | 28.05.2014

Munruthel's official T-Shirt "CREEDamage" is available

We are proud to present an official MUNRUTHEL merchandise, a T-Shirt dedicated to his last album (released previosly on CD and vinyl) "CREEDamage / ВЕРОломство". Heavy cotton, 2 sided 1 color print, limited to 50 copies only. Order your copy in our webstore.


MUNRUTHEL | 19.04.2014