MUNRUTHEL "Yav, Nav i Prav"

Style: Dark Ambient

Recorded: 1997

Released: 1997 (MC), 2004 (CD)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


A very first album released under the name MUNRUTHEL. Stylistically it follows up the debut album of SILENTIUM - pagan ambient music with folk touches. Reissue of this album is planned for Winter 2012-2013 by Russian underground label Gardarika Musikk.


1. Father-Sun (Intro)
2. Thunderdreams (The Sleeping PERUN)
3. The Golden Throne Of SVAROG (The Ode)
4. Fern Flowering (KUPALA-Night)
5. Magic Dance Of Autumn Leaves (Before Long Cold Winter)
6. The Frozen Waters (Cold Silence Of The Seas)
7. Destroyed By The gold crosses: Part I: Requiem, Part II: Retribution
8. Under The Wings Of Starry Darkness (The Nightflight)
9. Icymphony (Triumph Of Winter)
10. Mother-Moon (Outro)

Full track from the album:MUNRUTHEL 1997 "Fern Flowering" by Svarga Music