PAGANLAND "Wind of Freedom"

Style: Pagan Metal

Recorded: 2011

Released: 2013 (CD)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


Debut full-length album recorded in 2011, and released in 2013 on CD by Svarga Music. Ukrainian Pagan Metal in it's best - high quality professional recording, great folklore atmospheres and lyrics completely written in Ukrainian. Take a middle point between Heidevolk, Arkona, Vintersorg and Ensiferum and you'll get an impression of what is inside...

1.    Коло Вічності (інтро) [Wheel of Eternity (intro)]
2.    Тіні минулого [Shadows of the Past]
3.    Сила духу [Power of Spirit]
4.    Чорногора [Chornohora]
5.    Подолянка [Podolyanka]
6.    Нічний ліс [Night Forest]
7.    Тумани і сутінки [Fogs and Twilights]
8.    Вітер волі [Wind of Freedom]

Full (title) track from this album:PAGANLAND 2013 "Wind of Freedom" by Svarga Music

PAGANLAND brings the melancholy and great atmosphere while continuing along the Slavic pagan metal like no one else seems to characterize. They cannot be mixed up with numerous other bands in this movement, because they managed to create a unique identity with their work. Really a must.

Rock Tribune (Belgium, Dutch, 82/100), March 2013

Ukrainian pagan black metal of a fairly slick and accomplished sort. A stirring and atmospheric album, never too cheesy.

Zero Tolerance #051 (UK, English, 3.5/5), February 2013

From black metal influence, through sympho metal to classical pagan elements, "Wind of Freedom" offers a broad and beautiful picture in which fans can enjoy a variety of genres. Author believes that this release is a must-have for every fan of folk metal, melodic black and Slavonic metal.

Nocturne Magazine (Serbia, Serbian, 8/10), February 2013

PAGANLAND composed beautiful songs which deserve to be heard. Recommended for all Pagan and Folk Metal fans.

Stormbringer (Austria, German, 4/5), January 2013

Surprise of the Month! Even more authentic to the areas of Western Ukraine and Carpathian mountains, Paganland is certainly worth of the attention of those into earlier works by Nokturnal Mortum and Drudkh (without an overt nationalistic message).

MetalReviews (USA, English, 86/100), February 2013

I find their music quite more entertaining than the average “commercial” Pagan Metal band on big labels… as a matter of fact even my initial rejection to this kind of music, I find the album more “serious” than a couple of beer-drunken Metalheads trying to be on the old ages. So, at the end we have an entertaining recording that fans of the style will surely worship.

Voices from the Darkside (Germany, English), March 2013

"Wind of Freedom" will appeal greatly to fans of bands like Munruthel, Nokturnal Mortum, Butterly Temple, Arkona. Good album without any doubt.

Xtreem Music (Spain, Spanish, 8/10), January 2013

The clean lines sound very much like a Ukrainian version of Vintersorg: a clean mid-range tone, with smooth, high inflections. If you can imagine Vintersorg singing along to a Cossack dance, then you have a pretty good idea of what it sounds like.

The Metal Observer (Canada, English, 8.5/10), February 2013

If you like Vintersorg, Tyr or Falkenbach then Paganland is a music listen. Respect Paganland and get his album and the others before.

Absolute Zero Media (USA, English), January 2013

To sum up the new Paganland in one sentence: It’s like Arkona and Heidevolk had a Ukrainian baby. Truly fantastic vocals were enough to warrant multiple playthroughs!

Metal Exposure (International, English, 7.5/10), March 2013

Mixture of Black Metal, Pagan sounds and elements of Eastern European folklore make the band extremely varied and highly interesting, as always something new happening!

XXL Rock (Germany, German), February 2013

I have to admit that the name Paganland coupled with the album’s cover art made me excited to listen to these guys. I love it when that excitement becomes affirmed by the music on the album.

Metal Disciple (USA, English), February 2013

Big plus of this release is the artwork. Interesting illustrations introducing the atmosphere, lyrics printed in the Ukrainian language and translations into English. Material definitely worth attention from people sitting in a folk-pagan scene.

PsychoZine (Poland, Polish, 3.5/5), March 2013

Wind of Freedom is PAGANLAND's debut release and it is one of the better such debuts I have heard of in recent years.

BlogCritics (USA, English), January 2013

They make brilliant music!! The music is a mixture between Death, Doom and Black Metal. It all sounds folky and the use of the keyboards gives an extra twist to the music.

Aquelarre (USA, English), March 2013

Paganland deliver a set of intensely melodic, symphonic-edged tracks spread across a varied emotional range: from the moody, wistful tones of “Chornohora” to the fiercer, brighter likes of “Power of Spirit”.

Destructive Music (UK, English, 7/10), January 2013

With this work Paganland proves that they are experts not only on their instruments, but also in writing their songs. Pagan fans who are always in search of new food should, to be sure, listen to those Ukrainians.

My Revelations (Germany, German, 11/15), March 2013

Should you care about yet another pagan metal release? Paganland, however, bring something new - most likely, it's their Slavic folk influence. Wind of Freedom has a sound that is different from the Celtic and Nordic influences on most pagan metal albums.

Grave Concerns E-Zine (USA, English), January 2013

The majority of the songs on the album are good and catchy, and the band has obviously thought how to add the variety and dynamism to the music. Followers of pagan metal should give "Wind of Freedom" a chance - a lot of good and interesting songs!

MetalZone (Denmark, Danish, 4/6), February 2013

Winds of Freedom is a fairly small album but with some very beautiful songs. True fans of the pagan folk genre will certainly enjoy!

Darkview (Belgium, Dutch, 7/10), February 2013

Drawing on the dark and melancholic flavor of Ukrainian folk music, Paganland combine traditional metal, death metal and black metal into their own, surprisingly melodic brand of metal. Fans of Eastern European-flavored folk metal should definitely check out this fine effort from Paganland.

Metal Music Archives (International, English, 3.5/5), February 2013

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed being swept up in Paganland and the adventures they embark upon. It’s a cracker of a debut and the lads should certainly be proud of themselves.

Metal Rules (International, English, 3.5/5), February 2013

Wind of Freedom is not carving out new territory but is well crafted and is worth a look for anyone wanting to broaden their tastes from the immediate and obvious.

Ave Noctum (UK, English, 7/10), February 2013