THUNDERKRAFT was founded in 2001 in Kharkov (Ukraine) by Alafern (guitar) who was eager to play more diverse music than the Black Metal of that time. The band’s style – Death Folk Metal – became cemented in the course of the first rehearsals. This meshed nicely with Alafern’s longtime love of Death Metal and Ukrainian folklore. From the very beginning, the band maintained an active presence on the Ukrainian live music scene.

In 2005 after a rather long period of fluctuating line-ups, the band recorded their first full-length album, “The Banner Of Victory”. In spite of the debut album getting good press, a period of stagnation followed.In 2009 the band members decided on a fundamental change to their approach, characterised by the frequent use of computer-generated sound effects, regular rehearsals and preparation for the recording of a second full-length album. The band’s musical style also underwent some changes, to the point where it could be described as Industrial Folk Death/Black Metal.

THUNDERKRAFT finished work on their second album called “Totentanz” in March 2011. With this release, the band really went in an experimental direction, combining the "classical" styles of Death and Black Metal with electronic music, folklore, epic and symphonic elements. The lyrics are written in Ukrainian, Russian and German. Problems of the human relation to the past, the ideas of greatness and boundless possibilities of the human spirit, strength of will and character are under consideration. Cosmology problems also find their representation in the band’s songs, but being slightly flavoured with social aspects. This album will be released on 2nd of April 2012 by Ukrainian independent label Svarga Music.

In spite of the fact that the second album was recorded some time ago, the band plans not to let up. They have started the recording sessions for the third album in winter 2011, having already collected enough material during years of rehearsals…

Album: "Totentanz"

Style: Industrial Folk Death Metal

Recorded: 2011

Released: 2012 (CD), 2013 (MC)


With their 2nd album THUNDERKRAFT went in a more experimental direction, combining the classical styles of Death and Black Metal with electronic music, folklore, epic and symphonic elements. This wild combination of styles plus live-recorded violin, flute and saxophone make the sound of the band truly unique.

Album: "The Banner of Victory"

Style: Folk Death Metal

Recorded: 2005

Released: 2005 (CD), 2011 (MC)


Debut album of THUNDERKRAFT is a mixture of Old School Death Metal a-la Entombed with folk music (live flutes and violins are recorded on this album).

A fascinating, eclectic musical journey somewhat unified by an Eastern European feel. That such disparate bands as Bal-Sagoth (album opener), Laibach (see title track), and Nokturnal Mortum can be cited as influences and yet the album manages to progress rather fluidly is testament to the band's musicianship and songwriting skills.

Zero Tolerance (UK, English, 4/6), March 2012 about "Totentanz"

I enjoyed listening to Totentanz generally. Listeners will want to keep in mind that it is anything but conventional metal-oriented music. I definitely wouldn't suggest it as an introduction to folk metal for new listeners. This is a recording best appreciated by those who want to know what creative people are doing to reach beyond blending folk melodies and rhythms into death metal.

Sea of Tranquility (USA, English, 3.5/5), February 2012 about "Totentanz"

If you really want your mind to explode, I mean really explode with blood and brain matter covering the walls like abstract art, then you need to listen to Totentanz. ... THUNDERKRAFT has joined the ranks of many past greats who have added a new dimension onto a sacred metal genre cow.

Scumfeast Metal 666 (English, 4/5), January 2012 about "Totentanz"

A huge and rich variety is what you will find on an album like "Totentanz" which, honestly, has surprised me because of the style and because the songwriting is full of changes and passages that absolutely break any possible linearity and that takes us to their own THUNDERKRAFT'S world.

Queens of Steel (Spain, Spanish, 9/10), January 2012 about "Totentanz"
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