ZGARD "Spirit of Carpathian Sunset"

Style: Folk Black Metal

Recorded: 2010

Released: 2012 (CD)

Avallable in our shop: No


In the debut album Zgard play wonderful Folk Black Metal. 10 tracks and over 65 minutes of music enriched by many traditional instruments, especially flutes. Songs aren’t too extreme and their rhythm is mid-tempo, with some faster outbreaks. All compositions are very melodic and melancholic, but since the band doesn’t use refrains or repeated parts in its songs you need to give them more time in order to fully absorb their countless ideas!


1. Sunset / Сутінки
2. Svarga / Сварга
3. Invocation / Закляття
4. Destiny Molphar / Доля Мольфара
5. About Russ / Про Русь
6. Stream of Memory / Течія Спогадів
7. Eruption of Anger / Виверження Гніву
8. Autumn Buried the Ground / Хоронила Осінь Землю
9. Spirit of Carpathian Mountains / Духи Гір Карпатських
10.Misty Skyline / Туманний Обрій

Spirit of Carpathian Sunset ” is a perfect example of Ukrainian pagan folk black metal, totally recommended to every fan of this genre. It is one of the most complete folk black metal albums I’ve listened to this year and I am really looking forward for their new album in the beginning of 2013.

Metal Soundscapes (English, 9/10), December 2012