PAGANLAND's debut is out now!

PAGANLAND's debut album "Wind of Freedom" is out today at Svarga Music. Followers of the bands like ARKONA, HEIDEVOLK and VINTERSORG should definitely check this release out! Few press quotes to read:


Ukrainian pagan black metal of a fairly slick and accomplished sort. A stirring and atmospheric album, never too cheesy. - Zero Tolerance (UK)


PAGANLAND brings the melancholy and great atmosphere while continuing along the Slavic pagan metal like no one else seems to characterize. They cannot be mixed up with numerous other bands in this movement, because they managed to create a unique identity with their work. Really a must. - Rock Tribune (Belgium)


Surprise of the Month! Even more authentic to the areas of Western Ukraine and Carpathian mountains, Paganland is certainly worth of the attention of those into earlier works by Nokturnal Mortum and Drudkh (without an overt nationalistic message). - MetalReviews (USA)

PAGANLAND | 04.03.2013