Out now - MUNRUTHEL's CREEDamage on CD/DIGI-CD

Today Svarga Music releases "CREEDamage" - a brand new, fifth album of Ukrainian Pagan Metal band MUNRUTHEL. Performed in the finest traditions of Symphonic Pagan Metal, the new album features guest vocals from Masha "Scream" (ARKONA) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER), as well as a cracking cover of BATHORY's "The Lake".

MUNRUTHEL's most mature work to date, the album's musical canvas is decorated not only with the atmospheric dabs inherent in early works of the project's composer, but also with the aggressive riffing first heard on "Oriana Tales" and fully revealed on "Epoch of Aquarius". "CREEDamage" will be more interesting to the admirers of a heavy guitar sound that is matched with powerful orchestral arrangements and graceful atmospherics.

The album concept covers topics that have been explored by the composer since MUNRUTHEL's origin in 1995. Specifically, it concerns his boundless love for Mother Nature, as an embodiment of native, natural beliefs and a primordial pagan outlook. The track "Carpathians' Shield" is dedicated to the memory of last known Molphar (traditional sorcerer by birth in Carpathian culture) Mikhail Nechay (24.02.1930 - 14.07.2011), who was killed in the summer of 2011 by a Christian zealot.


Album come in standard jewelcase edition and in limited to 300 pcs 6-panel digipak. Artwork by Mstibog, layout design by Al.Ex {Mayhem Design}.


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Release teaser:

MUNRUTHEL | 12.11.2012