The debut album of the project named SILENTIUM was presented for judgment of its listeners in autumn of 1995. SILENTIUM's demo “The Ancients' Wisdom” includes 18 electronic compositions that were created during the period from 1988 to 1993. The author of the album was Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, the drummer of Death Metal band SUPPURATION which later turned into the most known Ukrainian Pagan Metal band NOKTURNAL MORTUM.

The second brainchild was born in spring of 1997. Although “Yav, Nav i Prav” turned out to be brighter and more “grown-up” than the first-born. Ten tracks flow smoothly from one to another and are listened to without taking a breath. The demo was called by the name of the most ancient World Outlook of Slavonic Nations. This Outlook is the basis of all Being: the Real World, the World of the Dead Ones, and the Law of Gods. The author decided to give a new name to his creation. After a long quest the author made decision to take his own pseudonym “Munruthel”, under which he continued to play in NOKTURNAL MORTUM. So the new album “Yav, Nav i Prav” was released under MUNRUTHEL project and it was the beginning for something new.

Then, in summer of 1999, Munruthel recorded his controversial epic sympho-ambient album “Oriana Tales” in his MoonHome Studio. Twelve compositions being recorded in non-stop manner for 66 minutes immerse you into the World of Gods, Spirits, Slavonic Wizards and Mysteries. The album is adorned with wonderful lyrics written for all tracks including instrumental ones, and “Blesk Grozovyh Mechey” (“Brilliance of The Thundering Swords”) became for many years a kind of anthem for Ukrainian Pagan Metal scene.

After the recording of NOKTURNAL MORTUM's album “NeChrist” Munruthel left this band due to internal conflict and musters a full value eponymous Pagan Metal band being a singer and a bass player on his own. As before, Munruthel did all the music and arrangements. Six compositions were prepared in this period to be included in MUNRUTHEL's new album. Then numerous gigs, session recording of drums for one album of LUCIFUGUM, and two albums of ASTROFAES, and return to NOKTURNAL MORTUM followed, and as a result Munruthel lost his interest in own solo-project.

After a long period of rehearsals and a way too long recording session lasting for a year, a new album of NOKTURNAL MORTUM was finally born – “Weltanschauung”. Internal conflict followed again, this time more severe, and Munruthel leaves the band, this time forever.

A qualitatively new project KOLO (CIRCLE in Ukrainian – in its sacral meaning) was formed in summer of 2003. The author started working also as a multimedia composer using various loops, grooves, ethnic samples as well as live instruments, e.g., flutes, sopilkas (Ukrainian folk pipes). The project's style remains the same – it is a kind of soaring ambient, but with strongly pronounced folklore leitmotif and powerful clear-cut (almost rock) rhythm-section. In 2005 a self-titled album “Kolo” was released and  sold out literally for 6 months.

In 2004-2005 Munruthel recommenced his activity at MoonHome Studio working on his first solo Metal album. The songs composed for live performances in 2000 became the basis for this album. As a result of this seclusion the album “Epoch of Aquarius” was released. It was proclaimed by local musical critics as “one of the best Pagan Folk Metal albums from C.I.S. countries”. Shortly after that the label, Russian Oskorei Music, rested in peace and this album did not get the international impact.

2006-2009 became years of slackening in creative activity of Vladislav owe to his personal problems.

In winter of 2010 Vladislav received a proposal to compose music for “Gothic II: Dark Saga Addon” computer game. Creation of a soundtrack was an old dream of the author, and in spring-summer of 2010 he composed several tracks for the game locations. This work became a basis for the next (fourth) full-length album of MUNRUTHEL titled as “The Dark Saga - Original Soundtrack”. Artwork for this album was performed by outstanding Brazilian artist Marcelo Vasco, known for his artwork for SOULFLY, BORKNAGAR, NAGLFAR etc.

In 2010 Gardarika Musikk (Russia) induced re-releasing of all three albums of MUNRUTHEL in different formats (CD/DIGI-CD): "Oriana Tales" is already re-released, so “Yav, Nav and Prav” is waiting for its re-edition in 2012. And the “Epoch of Aquarius”, the strongest among all the albums was released in August 2012. This was a joint effort of Gardarika Musikk (CD release) and Svarga Music (digiCD): new edition comes with a totally new artwork by Al.Ex {Mayhem Project}, bilingual printed lyrics and includes as bonus tracks covers of BURZUM (digiCD) and DEAD CAN DANCE (CD). The Brazilian version of this album, with lyrics translated into Portuguese, will be released by Hollehammer Productions in the end of 2012 with different artwork performed by mentioned above Marcelo Vasco.

In summer 2012 another activity took place – the very first creation of Munruthel, at that time named SILENTIUM, was re-released in digi-sleeve format (split with AR) by Russian independent label Casus Belli Musica to admire the creativity of this great person. At around this time MUNRUTHEL also contributed to the recently released “A Tribute to BATHORY” by Godreah Records (UK) with the track “The Lake” which was marked by Zero Tolerance (UK) as of very special and interesting interpretation of this outstanding song.

After 7 years of work, in September 2012, Vladislav is finishing up his fifth full-length album “CREEDamage” in the style of Sympho Pagan Metal. The new album’s musical canvas is decorated not only with atmospheric dabs inherent in early works of the project’s author (“The Ancients’ Wisdom”, “Yav, Nav i Prav”, and partly “Oriana Tales”), but also with hard strokes of guitar riffing shown on “Oriana Tales” for the first time and fully revealed on “Epoch of Aquarius”.

At present, from all appearances, “CREEDamage” is the most mature work of the project, not only from creative but also from technical point of view since its sound production quality may be compared with the best representatives of the genre. And participation of invited vocalists – Masha “Scream” (ARKONA, Russia) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER, Great Britain) – made this outstanding album even better. The album’s conception is connected with the topics touched by the author from the beginning of his solo activity (1995), namely it concerns his boundless love to Mother-Nature – as an embodiment of native, natural Belief and primordial, Pagan Outlook.

“CREEDamage” is planned to be released on November 12, 2012 by Ukrainian underground label Svarga Music in two formats – standard jewel-case and limited 6-panel digipak.

In conclusion one should note that MUNRUTHEL's author, Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, is a really a legendary person of Ukrainian Metal scene. Having taken part in recording of more than 30 albums of different bands from ex-Soviet territories (such as NOKTURNAL MORTUM, ASTROFAES, LUCIFUGUM to name a few), the author keeps on working actively not only on his brainchild MUNRUTHEL, but also takes part in other projects, such as THUNDERKRAFT, AMBER SOLSTICE, NEVERLAND.

Album: "Epoch of Aquarius"

Style: Folk Pagan Metal

Recorded: 2005

Released: 2006 (digi-CD), 2012 (digi-CD, CD), 2013 (CD)


Third album of MUNRUTHEL became nowadays a classic of Ukrainian Folk Pagan Metal. Released in 2006 and quietly sold out this masterpiece of Slavonic Pagan Art is now revived. From a legend of Ukrainian underground, Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, this great album consisting of unbelievable folkloristic colors, technical solos and folk instruments makes glory and pride of Ukrainian Pagan Metal!

Album: "Ancients' Wisdom" (as SILENTIUM)

Style: Ambient

Recorded: 1995

Released: 1995 (MC), 2012 (split-CD)


A very first recording of MUNRUTHEL dated back to 1995, at that time named SILENTIUM. Dark ambient, electronic music, old fashioned and preserved with the spirit of tape recording. In 2012 re-released (on the split with AR) by Russian independent label Casus Belli Musica to honor the contribution of authors to devepolment of Slavonic Pagan Ambient music.

Album: "CREEDamage"

Style: Symphonic Pagan Metal

Recorded: 2012

Released: 2012 (CD, digi-CD), 2014 (2xLP)


The 5th album of MUNRUTHEL follows the direction taken in the "Epoch of Aquarius". Performed in the finest traditions of Symphonic Pagan Metal, it includes powerful orchestral arrangements and graceful atmospheric elements. Features guest vocals from Masha "Scream" (ARKONA) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER), as well as a cracking cover of BATHORY’s “The Lake”.

Album: "Kolo" (as KOLO)

Style: Folk/Ambient/World Music

Recorded: 2005

Released: 2005 (CD)


KOLO is a world music project of MUNRUTHEL. Soaring ambient, but with strongly pronounced folklore leitmotif and powerful clear-cut (almost rock) rhythm-section. KOLO means CIRCLE in its Sacral meaning.

Album: "Yav, Nav i Prav"

Style: Dark Ambient

Recorded: 1997

Released: 1997 (MC), 2004 (CD)


A very first album released under the name MUNRUTHEL. Stylistically it follows up the debut album of SILENTIUM - pagan ambient music with folk touches. Reissue of this album is planned for Winter 2012-2013 by Russian underground label Gardarika Musikk.

Album: "Oriana Tales"

Style: Dark Ambient/Pagan Metal

Recorded: 1999

Released: 1999 (MC), 2004 (CD), 2009 (digi-CD)


Second album of MUNRUTHEL is a landmark in his creativity. The Dark Ambient mixed with Slavonic Folk melodies. In this album for the first time sole metal experiements of Munruthel are performed, and very successul ones since the track "Brilliance of the Thundering Swords" can be considered as one of the best Pagan Metal songs coming from Ukraine.

Album: "The Dark Saga - Original Soundtrack"

Style: Dark Ambient/Soundtrack

Recorded: 2010

Released: 2011 (digi-CD)


The 4th album of Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist MUNRUTHEL will immerse you in the fantastic world of GOTHIC even without its game space. Each track is composed for a definite game location or situation, that’s why listening to this soundtrack you can join tense battles against a giant monster or orcish hordes, feel chilling horror of old cemeteries or and take a rest among the songs of birds and Nature’s rampage in hunters’ camp.

Munruthel just might be Ukrainian black metal’s best-kept secret. Fantastical to the Nth degree, with all the pomp and circumstance of Rhapsody of Fire, Septicflesh, or even Ex Deo,  but on the right side of heterosexual and, crucially, with that bit of underground/outsider cool.

Zero Tolerance #049 (UK, English, 4.5/6), October 2012 about "CREEDamage"

With CREEDamage MUNRUTHEL sits on his throne of Ukraine's Metal! Hail to the King!

Metalland (France, French), October 2012 about "CREEDamage"

Soundcheck #2/45!

Parat Magazine #48 (Czech Republic, Czech, #2/45), October 2012 about "CREEDamage"

Shiningly cinematic and unapologetic in its defiance of genre.

Terrorizer #229 (UK, English, 4/5), October 2012 about "CREEDamage"

Let me tell you, you won’t hear many one man bands sound anywhere near as tight, professional and epic as Munruthel does with his iconic opus “Epoch of Aquarius” ... From the very musical core of this album all the way through each wandering path of sound and mood, through to the nicely finished artwork, everything about “Epoch of Aquarius” speaks volumes, in class, elegance and pure adrenaline fueled fury when the mood takes him.

Destructive Music (UK, English, 8/10), July 2012 about "Epoch of Aquarius"

Album of the Month! I don’t think I have heard an album, at least not in the recent past, where guitar riffs, rich orchestration and authentic Ukrainian feeling were in such perfect harmony.

MetalReviews (USA, English, 91/100 AOTM), October 2012 about "CREEDamage"
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