Style: Folk/Ambient/World Music

Recorded: 2005

Released: 2005 (CD)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


KOLO is a world music project of MUNRUTHEL. Soaring ambient, but with strongly pronounced folklore leitmotif and powerful clear-cut (almost rock) rhythm-section. KOLO means CIRCLE in its Sacral meaning.

1. Північ/Південь (North/South)
2. Позагорами (Behind The Mountains)
3. Вогняна Ніч (Fiery Night)
4. Зимова Дума (Wintry Ballad)
5. Баюн (Bajun)
6. Русалоньки (Rusalonki)
7. З Високого Неба (From The High Sky)
8. Південь/Північ (South/North)

Video for the track "Rusalonki":

Full track from the album:KOLO 2005 - Fire Night (Vognyana Nich) by Svarga Music