KLADOVEST's last album on LP

We are extremely happy to announce our new release - a vinyl version of KLADOVEST's last album "Winterwards" which was originally released in 2014. Release comes in two colors: black (200 units) and red (100 units).


The latest KLADOVEST masterpiece is now available on vinyl! Cranes leaving far, never to return. Death approaching with an echo of thunder, and raven shadow of snowstorm darken the scars of bleak skies. Milestones of last winter stabbed among the funeral open wide. Winterwards, the fourth and coldest fog of KLADOVEST - draped in sardonic grief are morbid tunes of Dmitriy K., grim screech of Gjenfard and curses of Vintrald poetry... Masked, they heralding the frost eternal.


Kladovest Winterwards LP red