STRYVIGOR "Into The Abyss Of Cold"

Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

Recorded: 2015

Released: 2015 (CD)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


STRYVIGOR, band driven by KRODA’s guitarist Khladogard, presents their new EP “Into The Abyss of Cold”. Release consists of four cold tracks of pure destruction and a cracking cover of DARKTHRONE’s legendary “Under The Funeral Moon”. Atmospheric Black Metal for fans of ASTROFAES, KHORS and DRUDKH.

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1. Into The Abyss of Cold [До Прiрви Холоду]
2. At The Frontier of Dimensions and Granskog [На Гранi Свiтiв i Хвойного Лiсу]
3. Eye of the Storm [Око Шторму]
4. Black Moon Shadow [Тiнь Чорного Мiсяця]
5. Under The Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover)