STRYVIGOR "Forgotten by Ages"

Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

Recorded: 2014

Released: 2014 (CD)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


STRYVIGOR's debut album is inspired by their native Ukrainian landscape - the windswept Carpathians, wintry woods, and especially the mountain river from which the trio take their name. Underpinned by expertly mixed cosmic synths, the passion and sincerity behind STRYVIGOR's nature-worshiping craft incites awe and wonder, pride and heroism. Recommended for fans of DRUDKH, ASTROFAES, and KHORS.

1. In the Icy Embrace of North [В крижаних обіймах півночі]
2. Mysteries of Darkness [Таємниці темряви]
3. Wherever the Stars... [Там, де зорі...]
4. Wings of Sorrow [Крила скорботи]
5. Memory of Ages [Пам’ять віків]
6. By Paths of Universe [Стежками Всесвіту]
7. To Heroes [Героям]
8. Forgotten by Ages [Забуте віками]