MUNRUTHEL "Epoch of Aquarius"

Style: Folk Pagan Metal

Recorded: 2005

Released: 2006 (digi-CD), 2012 (digi-CD, CD), 2013 (CD)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


Third album of MUNRUTHEL became nowadays a classic of Ukrainian Folk Pagan Metal. Released in 2006 and quietly sold out this masterpiece of Slavonic Pagan Art is now revived. From a legend of Ukrainian underground, Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, this great album consisting of unbelievable folkloristic colors, technical solos and folk instruments makes glory and pride of Ukrainian Pagan Metal!

1. На Грани Миров (Пролог) [On The Verge Of The Worlds (Prologue)]
2. Воронограй [The Raven Croak]
3. В Шёпоте Листьев Иль В Грома Раскатах… [In Leaves’ Whisper Or In Bursts Of The Thunder…]
4. Эпоха Водолея [Epoch Of Aquarius]
5. Мне Поведали Зори… [I Was Confided By Dawns…]
6. Эхо Забытых Сражений [Echo Of The Forgotten Battles]
7. На Грани Миров (Эпилог) [On The Verge Of The Worlds (Epilogue)]
8. Tomhet (BURZUM cover)

Full track from the album - Epoch of Aquarius:MUNRUTHEL 2012/2006 "Epoch of Aquarius" by Svarga Music

Everything flows really naturally, giving the feeling each song compliments the other to create a feeling of completeness. And they do reassert it after listening this great opus where aggressiveness is combined with melody, beautiful accoustic parts with brutal electric moments, different vocals, even moments closer to melodic Black Metal.

Queens of Steel (Spain, Spanish, 9/10), July 2012

The only thing I can do it so advice you to listen to this album if you are the fans of Slavonic Pagan Metal.

La Horde Noire (France, French, 9/10), December 2006

"Epocha Volodya" is an incredible album and I must say that I was surprised at how good it actually is. ... It is further proof of the excellence of the Ukrainian scene.

Metal-Archives.Com (USA, English, 97/100), January 2008

Let me tell you, you won’t hear many one man bands sound anywhere near as tight, professional and epic as Munruthel does with his iconic opus “Epoch of Aquarius” ... From the very musical core of this album all the way through each wandering path of sound and mood, through to the nicely finished artwork, everything about “Epoch of Aquarius” speaks volumes, in class, elegance and pure adrenaline fueled fury when the mood takes him.

Destructive Music (UK, English, 8/10), July 2012