ZGARD "Astral Glow"

Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

Recorded: 2012

Released: 2013 (CD)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


ZGARD's third album is an Atmospheric Black Metal with great Folky touch. It is a statement of creativity, pushed forward and powered by ancestral endemic fervor, capturing both the sheer beauty of all things natural as well as man’s supreme aspiration for a higher life. Deeply emotinal music in the canvas of Carpathian folklore with the wonderful artwork by Moga of Kogaion Art.

1. Balance in Universe / Равновесье в мирозданьи
2. When Breakin Down All the Ideals / Когда рушатся все идеалы
3. Letargy Dream / Летаргический сон
4. Stars in the Night Sky / Зорi у нiчному небi
5. Old Woods / Старый лес
6. Astral Glow / Астральный свет   
7. Return to the Void / Повернення в порожнечу
8. When Time Comes to Go Away / Коли наступить час пiти

One can regard Zgard's music as the Slavic equivalent to Austrian band Summoning, in terms of the heavy usage of synthesizers and dense ambience both bands generate. However, Zgard's music is by far more metallic in essence than Summoning's -- an almost perfect hybrid of earthen heaviness coupled with sublime transcendental abilities.

Chronicles of Chaos (EN, 8/10), August 2013