MUNRUTHEL "Ancients' Wisdom" (as SILENTIUM)

Style: Ambient

Recorded: 1995

Released: 1995 (MC), 2012 (split-CD)

Avallable in our shop: Yes


A very first recording of MUNRUTHEL dated back to 1995, at that time named SILENTIUM. Dark ambient, electronic music, old fashioned and preserved with the spirit of tape recording. In 2012 re-released (on the split with AR) by Russian independent label Casus Belli Musica to honor the contribution of authors to devepolment of Slavonic Pagan Ambient music.


01. (Intro) The Forest
02. Dying Nature (Requiem)
03. The Royal Hunting
04. Errata
05. Above The Clouds
06. Nuclear Tears Of Hiroshima
07. The Moonlight Lake
08. The Spectrum Of Darkness
09. Igni Et Ferro
10. Cradle of Dreams
11. In Saecula Saeculorum
12. Prelude In Sad Minor
13. Cimmeria
14. Illusions’ Kingdom
15. The Hidden by Veil
16. Seas of Tears
17. Errata (version II)
18. (Outro) The Forest

Sample track:SILENTIUM 2012/1995 "Cimmeria" by Svarga Music