Svarga Music is a record label and band management specialized in production and promotion of exclusively Ukrainian Metal bands. We equally support Pagan/Black/Folk Metal - but the most important is the emotional richness and the spirit of the music. We totally deny any religious acts thus please keep this shit away.

Bands: if you play any of the mentioned above styles and you are from Ukraine - get in touch with us for possible release. Otherwise - please do NOT contact us regarding releasing your stuff! We are not arrogant, but running a label is a hard and time consuming "job" thus we simply cannot listen to everything we get not related to our work.

Designers, artists: please get in touch with us if you would like to work on the artwork/design for any of our upcoming releases, flyers, web-site etc.

Media: please get in touch to receive our promo kits. General rule - online zines get online promo kits, printed zines get printed and online promo kits. Exceptions from this rather fair rule are possible but rare.

Labels, distros, shops: contact us if you are interested in distributing our titles. We are open to any kind of cooperation.

Metalheads:  just get in contact and tell us what you think about our releases.

Please use the link below to contact us via e-mail. If you still prefer the old-school lettering, here is the address where you can direct your blood-signed letters.

Svyatoslav Gladkov
Svarga Music
Loettringhauser Str. 64
44225 Dortmund


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